About Me

Hey friends!


I’m so glad you are here. My name is Kelsey and I am the owner of Crick and Lu Embroidery. I am married to the sweetest husband, Robbie. He is a software engineer and also the one who runs all the behind the scenes work with the website. Together we have two baby boys: Bo and Ben.


I started Crick and Lu on New Year’s Day while rocking a tiny 5 week old newborn baby with tears in my eyes as I thought about going back to the corporate world in the spring. While I have a degree in accounting (Waaaaar Eagle!) I actually started off in merchandising and design and I’ve always had trouble deciding which passion to pursue. It might sound crazy to have a passion for two opposite things: accounting and design- but that’s always been me! I used to make budgets for friends in college that I had a textiles class with and then help people in my accounting classes come up with outfit ideas. Ultimately, I chose accounting, and it held my heart and passion for several years after graduating but you know the saying! “A baby changes everything”. It sure does. So here I am. Switching things up in order to spend a little more time with our babies.


My style is pretty simple: classic, timeless, and sweet and I try to bring that out in everything I create. Being a small part of some many of your milestones truly brings me so much joy and I’m so grateful for all of your support. Now- let’s make some baby clothes!